Custom services


Pure Pharm has engaged in steroid hormone industry for years and we are skilled in development and research of steroid hormone. Moreover, we have many technical patents. We wish to offer customizing synthesis and customizing production services on these products  

· Fast response (yes/no) on non-confidential information within 1 week from your inquiry.
· Signing of a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA).
· Evaluation of your confidential information, e.g. technical package or CMC documents.
· Preparation of a proposal according to your needs.
· Delivery of our proposal and detailed discussions with you.
· Visit/pre-audit at our facilities. 

After your decision to entrust your project to Pure Pharm, the implementation process starts.




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Sales Dept. :
Tel: +86-576-87768688,87756256
E-mai: [email protected]
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